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JAA-Copper Inj , 100ml

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A suspension for injection containing Copper. JAA-COPPER will provide a prolonged rise in the copper status in animals. The duration of the effect of a single treatment will depend on the initial copper status of the animal & the conditions on the farm. Elevated pasture molybdenum levels, for instance, will necessitate more frequent dosage. In most circumstances a dose will be effective for 2 to 4 months. INDICATION: JAA-COPPER Injection for the prevention & treatment of Copper deficiency in Cattle and Sheep.


The dosage and frequency of therapy required depends upon the clinical condition & copper status of the animal as assessed by blood & liver levels both before & after therapy & after consultation with a Veterinary Surgeon. This is particularly relevant to sheep as they are sensitive to copper toxicity. The copper status on farms may change from year to year; it is therefore recommended that random samples of serum are periodically checked to see if the deficiency still exists. As with other forms of copper supplementation, the use of parenteral injections can sometimes give rise to toxic reactions as well as allergic type responses with respiratory distress. It is recommended that any animal showing a marked systemic reaction should be treated by a Veterinary Surgeon

A small nodule may occur at the injection site in cattle but this will be transient and will disappear in less than one month. The likelihood of this happening can be reduced by use of proper injection technique. Avoid injection on wet days as this increases the likelihood of contamination.

The suggested dose rate is 20 mg copper per 50 kg liveweight – maximum 120 mg copper. Since sheep are very susceptible to copper toxicity therefore serum levels must be periodically checked to see if deficiency still exists. The following is given as a guide to dosage:

Lambs: 0.5ml subcutaneous route only.

Ewes: 2 ml subcutaneous route only.

Calves: 1 – 2 ml subcutaneous route only.

Cows: 4 – 6 ml subcutaneous route only.

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