Maizer 55,  Alforosiya Street
Doha – State of Qatar

Al-Dousari Veterinary Services and Agriculture co.wll. founded to develop the animal health sector in Qatar. It was established in 1990 by late Eng. Ahmed Ali Aldousari.

We are dealing with the all the veterinary sector in Qatar including (Government and Semi- Government establishment, Horse Stable & Stud specialty shops ,pet animal clinics veterinary pharmacies,Veterinarians, Feed Stores, Grooming Parlors, Larger mass merchandisers Stables Barns, Poultry Farms, Dairy Farms)lab investigation & diagnosis through three fully equipped lab.

Al-Dousari Veterinary Services and Agriculture offer wide range of product and veterinary services keeping in mind meeting all the needs of our customer by providing high quality product with reasonable price in addition to farm supervision through experienced veterinarian.

Our services lead to disease prevention to improve farm hygiene, in addition to management services to increase profitability at the end.

Al-Dousari Veterinary Services and Agriculture co.wl distributes veterinary products such as medicine ,vaccines ,feed ,disinfectant and veterinary equipment.


Al-Dousari attracts the most valued Experts Veterinarians Lab technician, and Staff to join the team who able to provide high quality services.




Managerial Staff


Lab. Technician






Vets Work in Field


Vets for Marketing & Sales


Our Vision

We maintain a professional and integrated veterinary services provider in Qatar.

Our Mission

We are develop the animal resource sector and veterinary medicines distribution- as a part of the sector -through introducing smart tools and methods of management to improve the health care and therefor livestock development at the end.

Our Values

We work hardly to satisfy our customers’ needs by leading initiatives to support and develop veterinary field by Reliability, commitment and trust. We work for the future so we are open-mindset.

Our Goals

Share our customer the honor of caring for their animal by providing best animal care product. We maintain a professional and integrated veterinary services provider in Qatar and believe success as journey ,not a destination.

Our Business Philosophy

Al-Dousari Veterinary Services and Agriculture co.wll is keeping high integrated veterinary service provider through providing veterinary health care services and farm management services in addition to veterinary products as a part of the services.

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