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ADE + Selenio Y Zinc , 500ml

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Mineral vitamin supplement


Besides the importance of vitamins A and D, selenium as well as vitamin E is essential for the appropriate functioning of the immunologic system and antioxidant factors. Selenium is necessary for growth and is closely bound to reproductive efficiency, and its shortage has been related to placental retention, consequent metritis, and mastitis.
Zinc is an essential element in the diet, as the animals suffering from shortage of this oligoelement are affected in their growth, weight gain, alopecia problems, emaciation, pietin, among others, and also as part of the insulin hormone, synthesized by the beta cells of the pancreas islets.


Mineral vitamin supplement in cases of vitamin A, D, and E, and minerals
Selenium and Zinc deficiency, which expresses itself with growth and development retardatio in young animals, low fertility rates, early delivery, placental retentions, neonate death, weakness at birth and offspring malformations, ovary hypofunction, testicle degeneration, foot disorders (pietin) and muscular metabolism disorders (Disease of white muscle, stiffness in lambs). Coadjuvant in the preparation of males and females for reproduction.


Bovines, equines: 1 – 2 ml every 50 k.l.w.
Sheep and goats: 1 to 2 ml.

Vitamin A

vitamin D2

Vitamin E Acetate

sodium selenite

zinc gluconate

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