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FER +B12 Inj ,100ml

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FER+B12 Injection is a high potency combination of Iron, Vitamin B12 and other members of Vitamin B Complex in an injectable form. The preparation is well tolerated in all animals. It allows for rapid provision and utilization of essential haematinic nutrients. Racing camels are prone to a fatal condition known as Hematopoietic Pernicious anemia with or without neurological complications seen in camels in racing camps, which are being fed high grain or concentrate rations with too little roughage. Signs usually start as a slight dragging of the hind feet while walking, developing to a general incoordination and rising difficulty and recumbency within 36 hours. Affected camels usually appear blind.

These conditions respond early to FER+B12 injection, as oral Iron & Vitamin B haematinic nutrients is not as successfully absorbed, due to a percentage of rumen destruction of Iron & Vitamin B haematinic nutrients. Regular injections of FER+B12 are most effective and practical in treatment of Hematopoietic Pernicious anemia with or without neurological complications. RBC levels in racing camels have been reported to be lower than the levels in breeding camels and this is thought to be due to the increased stress of exercise, training and racing, as well as the high grain and concentrate diets with inadequate roughage leading to reduced Iron & Vitamin B haematinic nutrients absorption from the gastro.

Racing Camels showing loss of performance have many times shown significant improvement after receiving initial high doses of FER+B12.



– Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemias.

– Essential for red blood cell formation.

– Vital energy production systems.

– Acts to reduce effects of stress.

– Maintains nerve function, skin, hair, liver and muscle tone.


Administer intramuscularly or intravenously.

Dogs and Cats: ½ to 1 ml

Sheep and Swine: 2 to 5 ml

Horses and Cattle: Under 400 kg: 5 to 10 ml

Over 400 kg: 11 to 15 ml

Camel: Under 500 kg: 10 to 15ml

Over 500 kg: 16 to 30 ml

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