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Cophos B Inj , 100ml

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Ethanolamine Phosphate 100 mg/mL
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 50 μg/mL


COPHOS B is a muscle buffer and muscle energy support supplement for horses in hard work.

  • Phosphate is the major body buffer.
  • Phosphate is essential for muscle function and oxygen transport, and is often deficient in diets.
  • COPHOS B improves muscle energy supplies, endurance and power output.
  • COPHOS B improves recovery after hard work.
  • COPHOS B may help delay muscle fatigue.
  • COPHOS B supplemented horses work harder for longer!

COPHOS B supplies readily available, energy rich phosphate which is essential to muscle function and to buffer excessive lactic acid in body systems. In addition, COPHOS B provides Vitamin B 12 to essential metabolic processes, and to maintain appetite. Phosphate is the major body buffer.

Hard physical exercise produces very large losses of muscle phosphate, in both aerobic and anaerobic work. The body cannot make phosphate, so the diet must provide all requirements. Phosphate is essential to buffer lactic acid produced during hard work, as well as in the formation of adequate glycogen to fuel physical activity, and in the conversion of glycogen to produce fuel for muscles. Finally phosphate is critical in allowing oxygen to be “dumped” from blood cells into the muscle fibres where it fuels muscle contractions. Supplementing with phosphate supplies adequate essential phosphate required in large amounts during exercise, and allows more efficient recovery. As a major body buffer phosphate lowers the lactic acid level in working muscles by helping maintain plasma pH within normal limits, which delays acidosis and muscle fatigue. Used regularly during training and work COPHOS B improves muscular efficiency and endurance and improves recovery after hard work.


To improve energy and oxygen supply to muscles, increase maximum oxygen uptake and power output, delay onset of fatigue and promote muscle recovery in performance horses.


Give horses 30 mL by injection twice weekly.
COPHOS B is highly effective when given within 4 – 6 hours of anticipated hard work.
COPHOS B is also very effective when given after hard work, to improve muscle recovery and the reconstitution of essential body glycogen reserves.
COPHOS B is safely used with all Nature Vet products.

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