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Tocovit-S Inj , 50ml

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COMPOSITION : Each ml contains :
Vitamin E Acetate 80 mg
Sodium Selenite 1.6 mg

Prevention and treatment of vitamin (E/S) deficiency syndrome:
Skeletal and cardiac muscles disease (nutritional muscular dystrophy / nutritional myopathy)
of lambs, kids and calves:
Stiff-lamb disease (white muscle disease).
Stiff-calf disease (enzootic muscular dystrophy).
Pigs :
* Mullberry heart disease (enzootic heart disease) due to the extreme
degeneration of mycordium.
* Hepatosis dietetica.
Reduced vitality, impaired growth, depression of the immune system.
In pregnancy, to assist prevention of the deficiency syndrome in the new born animals.
Treatment of the reproductive disorders in males and females animals such as :
Infertility, retained placenta, ovarian cysts, habitual abortion, embryonic death.
Oligospermia, depressed copulation activity.
Exudative diathesis, arthritis, liver necrosis.

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