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QuicFIP Plus Spot On , 2.68ml

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Quic FIP Plus is a monthly topical flea and tick preventative for dogs and cats. Quic FIP Plus kills 100% of adult fleas on your pet within 12 hours and 100% of all ticks and chewing lice within 48 hours. Quic FIP Plus contains an insect growth regulator, S-methoprene, which kills flea eggs and larvae. It’s effective against all stages of the brown dog tick, the American dog tick, the lone star tick and
Cats/Kittens and Dogs/Puppies (8 weeks of age and older)


  • QuicFIP Plus Spot on provides fast, effective and convenient way to treat and control fleas, ticks and chewing lice. It Kills all flea stages, including egg, larva, pupa, and adult for at least 1 month.
  • It can be used to Control and treat Flea allergy dermatitis in dogs.
  • Controls Paralysis Ticks for upto 2 weeks
  • It Prevents re-infestations
  • It is Convenient to use
  • Great for pets that swim since it’s waterproof
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