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Noralgin 50% Inj , 100ml

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COMPOSITION : Each ml contains :
Metamizole Sodium 500 mg

For sheep , goats, cattle , equines, dogs, cats, pigs.
Different abdominal colicy pains , meteorism and tympanitis.
Spasms of the uterine cervix during parturitions .
Acute gastric dilatation accompanied by severe colic attacks .
Preparation of surgical and obstetric operation.
Pains due to the intestinal constipation in horses.
Oesophageal obstruction (choke )by foreign bodies to relieve spasms.
Alleviation of irritation and distress of the equines to prepare them for stomach lavage .
Biliary and renal colic (urolithiasis).
Feverish cases of acute mastitis , influenza.
Acute and chronic arthritis, joints and muscular rheumatism , neuritis, neuralagia , tendovaginitis.
Bronchial spasms with dyspnea.

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