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Metazol Inj , 100ml

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METAZOL contains Metamizole, a non opioid analgesic of the group of pyrazolone-derivatives. Analgesic & spasmolytic The spasmolytic and analgesic properties of METAZOL provide pain relief and relaxing of the patient. First aid for horses with colic, cattles with oesophageal obstruction, but also in cases of abdominal pain (eg associated with diarrhea) in dogs

due to the spasmolytic effects on smooth muscles

Antipyretic properties

Febrile conditions are a strain for any organism. After finding out the underlying cause, but also for fever of unknown source METASOL provides fast improvement of the overall condition by decreasing the body temperature as well.


METAZOL is used for:

– Treatment of pain, fever and spasm in case of: Colic, spasm and esophageal obstruction.

– Rheumatic disease like acute and chronic arthritis, tendovaginitis , neuritis and neuralgia.

– Spasmodic conditions of the abdominal organs as well as paresis.

METAZOL is also used for:

– Postpartum and milk fever.

– Pneumonia treatment.

– Newly born animalś diarrhea “tenesmus”.


Horses: 20 – 50 ml (intravenous only).

Foals: 5-15 ml (intravenous only)

Cattle: 20 – 40 ml (IV or IM)

Calves: 5 – 10 ml (IV or IM)

Dogs: 1-3 ml (intravenous only)

If necessary, the administration can be repeated every day.

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