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Lacta Aid Paste , 50ml

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Supplement in paste that neutralizes the production of the lactic acid
  • Reduce the fatigue sensation
  • It reduces muscle cramps and tying up effect
  • Improves the muscular efficiency

LACTA AID is a nutritional support composed by key elements that avoid the production of acid lactic and free radicals. DMG: improves the oxygen utility, delays lactic acid and it has an antioxidant function.
TMG: it favors the cellular osmotic stability.
Citric acid and sodium citrate: buffer system.
Vitamin B1 and Lipoic acid: they favor the Acetyl CoA production and so they give an impulse for the aerobic metabolism.


Dimethylglycine 100.000 mg, Alfa lipoic acid 20.000 mg, Citric acid 50.000 mg, Sodium citrate 100.000 mg, Vitamine B1 35.000 mg, Betaine 100.000 mg


Competition: 1 syringe 24 hours before the competition, 1 syringe 2 hours the competition and 1 syringe after the competition.

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