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Halo IV Inj , 6ml

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Contains: 6 mL SODIUM HYALURONATE 10 mg/mL


Sodium hyaluronate, the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (HA), is a non-sulphated glycosaminoglycan (GAG) which is present in many body tissues including connective tissue and skin and in synovial (joint) fluid in very high concentrations. HA provides visco-elastic properties to joint fluid and functions as a lubricant.
In joint disease, inflammation leads to the accumulation of inflammatory cells and degradative enzymes in the joint fluid which break down HA.
The loss of HA results in lowered viscosity of the joint fluid and further influx of inflammatory cells, leading to further cartilage damage and worsening joint disease. Supplementation of sodium hyaluronate helps to replace HA lost as a result of joint disease and thereby restores lubrication of the joint, reduces inflammatory infiltrates and minimises ongoing damage.


To aid in the management of non-infectious inflammatory joint disease in horses that may be associated with early equine degenerative joint disease.


Intravenous Use: Halo Injection contains medium molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate of a viscosity suitable for intravenous injection.

Dosage: Adult Horse (450 – 500 kg)
Administer 4-6 mL Halo Injection intravenously.
Repeat weekly for 3-5 injections.

HALO INJECTION is easy to administer and eliminates the usual risks of intra-articular injection which include joint damage, septic arthritis and drug-induced joint reaction. The product allows for treatment of multiple joint problems throughout the body with each intravenous injection.
Due to the highly vascular nature of the equine synovial membrane it is possible that intrvenous administration provides the synoviocytes with more exposure to exogenous hyaluronic acid than intra-articular administration.*

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