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Electrolytes , 100g

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COMPOSITION: Each gm contains:

Sodium chloride 96.00 mg
Potassium chloride 45.60 mg
Calcium chloride 12.30 mg
Magnesium chloride 6.85 mg

Since dehydration is characterized by loss of water and electrolytes together with acidosis; consequently the
improper nutrient-absorption due to enteritis will quickly result in energy deficiency, which accelerates the
animal’s requirements for certain elements.
For preventon and correction of dehydration and electrolytes depletion (imbalance) caused by prolonged
diarrhea, haemorrhages, infectious diseases, racing, profuse sweating due to severe exercise, travelling or hot
weather when animals are suffering from heat.
A valuable supportive treatment and nutritional supplement to relieve enteric upsets of stressed animals and
to compensate reduced feed-intake causing salts deficiency.

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