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Derma Spray , 250ml

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For microflora imbalances of the skin (itching, tears to skin in the fetlock area, wounds, skin problems, etc.). Apply to the affected area twice daily in case of disturbed skin flora (itching skin irritations, cracked heels,…) Warning: For external use only.

Use Cavalor® Derma Spray as a natural cleansing spray for hooves, skin, coat, mane and tail. The pH-neutral formula, specially created for a horse’s skin, encourages the natural defense mechanism of the skin and promotes a healthy balance of microflora. It helps ‘good’ bacteria to gain a footing in the affected area and multiply more quickly and inhibits the adhesion of external organisms. This prevents and alleviates important skin problems. Cavalor® Derma Spray can also be used to clean wounds, helping to support the body’s natural healing response.

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