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Cavalor® Hyppolac is an easily digestible, soluble milk replacer with nutritional values similar to natural mare’s milk.
During the first weeks of their life, foals depend entirely on the milk they obtain through nursing. An adequate supply of
nutritious milk is essential to the foal’s steady growth and proper development. Cavalor Hyppolac is a complete, soluble milk
replacer for orphan foals or foals that are not obtaining enough milk of sufficient quality from the mare.

Administer Cavalor® Hyppolac using a bottle with a teat or a bucket. The optimal concentration is 135 g of Cavalor® Hyppolac
per litre of water. See the diagram below to determine the amount of milk per meal and the number of meals.
Mix the necessary amount of Cavalor® Hyppolac with half the water at 60°C. Stir well until the powder is completely dissolved.
Now dilute with lukewarm water until the mixture reaches the desired temperature of 40°C.
In case of diarrhoea, the dosage can be adjusted to 65 g Cavalor® Hyppolac per litre of water. Once the diarrhoea decreases,
the dosage may be brought back up to the normal recommendation again. If diarrhoea occurs, always consult a veterinarian.
Please note: Cavalor® Hyppolac must always be dissolved in water. Simply sprinkling the powder over the feed can lead to
oesophageal obstruction.

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