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Gastro 8 Paste , 60g

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Cavalor Gastro Aid creates a healthy environment in the stomach with a focus on neutralising stomach acid and
protecting the stomach wall.
In the equine stomach, stomach acid is produced 24/7. As a result, the horse’s stomach is very susceptible
to the development of sores and ulcers. The herbs in Cavalor Gastro Aid (Paste) provide the necessary
protection for the stomach wall against excess stomach acid. To provide extra assistance for the
stomach, they stimulate the production of saliva and help the stomach wall recover from any ulcers.

Since horses with a sensitive stomach are often more difficult about what they eat and do not tolerate powder on
their feed, Cavalor Gastro Aid is available in various forms (powder, liquid, paste).
In the case of stomach ulcers, the paste is often used initially. In addition, the paste is more user-friendly during
transport or competitions.

Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste
Administer 2 syringes (120 g) per day for 6 days. Thereafter administer 1 syringe
(60 g) per day for 6 days.
Once the horse’s stomach is less sensitive and it is eating better again, you can
switch from the paste to the powder or liquid form.
The liquid and powder forms are also used daily as a preventive measure for
horses that are susceptible to stomach ulcers. Unlike the drug Omeprazole, it
does not stop the production of stomach acid. However, it does protect the
stomach from damage caused by stomach acid

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