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Emergency911 Paste , 80cc

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 Intended use
Cavalor® Emergency 911 is a fast-acting and easily digestible supplement meant for intestinal
disturbances, and support of the internal system during transport.
Cavalor® Emergency 911 supports the intestinal micro flora, and the digestive system.
Cavalor® Emergency 911 contains prebiotics, beneficial for strengthening the good bacteria in the
internal tract.
Cavalor® Emergency 911 contains:
Organic yeast extract rich in: glucomannans (GM) and mannanoligosacharides (MOS), to
bind mycotoxines and help prevent damage to the gut. . Yeast also helps block the
colonization of pathogens.
B vitamins to stimulate A immunoglobulins and beneficial bacterial growth (e.g.
Bifidobacteria). Stimulates gut health proper digestive function and helps fight off bad
Enzymes from Aspergillus oryzae break down proteins and starches and normalize the

. Directions for use
Dosage per animal per day:
• Acute Symptoms 1 – 2 tubes/ day
• Preventive Measures 0,5 – 1 tubes/ day
• Maximum Dosage 3 tubes/ day

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