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Colostra 24 , 100g

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Cavalor® Colostra provides vital colostrum for newborn foals when this cannot be supplied by the mare, or not in sufficient
Newborn foals are born without any antibodies and must absorb these through the colostrum within 24 hours of their birth.
If a foal has received little or no colostrum for whatever reason, it is vital to compensate for this deficit. Cavalor Colostra
increases the level of immunoglobulins in the blood. This helps strengthen the foal’s defences against pathogens such as
viruses and bacteria during its first week of life. A solid start is essential to a foal’s healthy growth and development.

Mix the contents of 1 package (100g) of Cavalor® Colostra with 0.2 L of Cavalor® Hyppolac or water. Stir well until the powder
is completely dissolved. Use a bottle with a teat to administer Cavalor® Colostra.
Caution: Do not heat in the microwave, as this will destroy the immunoglobulins.
If the foal received no colostrum from the mare: Administer Cavalor® Colostra within 6 hours
after birth and repeat again after 12-16 hours.
If the foal received too little colostrum via the mare: Administer Cavalor® Colostra within 24
hours after birth.
Cavalor® Colostra can also be administered as a preventive measure during the first 24 hours
to ensure that the foal receives sufficient antibodies.

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